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LexCapital is a Benefit Corporation that thanks to its sound financial position and its technical expertise can provide financial and legal support to its clients using its proprietary platform LLA (LexCapital Litigation Assessment).

The company was established with the aim of facilitating access to justice to less structured entities and to those who want to focus on their core business.

We select, assess, and acquire the Chose in Action (Res Litigiosa) from the relative rights holders (private individuals, companies, associations, public entities) and manage it effectively and efficiently.

Litigation Funding

Litigation Funding, in the most traditional sense, is the means by which a party, typically a Special Purpose Vehicle or a Fund, acquires from a private party, a company or a public body, the Chose in Action (so-called Res Litigiosa), having a financial value, in order to enable the assignor to protect their rights by initiating proceedings in or out of court.

The company was established with the aim of facilitating access to justice to less structured entities and to those who want to focus on their core business. LexCapital bears all the legal costs and those relating to expert witness reports, even in the event of losing the lawsuit (including in foreign courts), and is paid a pre-agreed share of the financial benefit obtained by the assignor only in the event of a successful outcome.

Packaging antitrust

Compensation corrugated cardboard.

Financial Derivatives

Endorsed by public bodies, companies and individuals.

Reverse Litigation Funding

Efficient dispute management.

Property Disputes

Bonus 110%.

Public Works Reservations of Rights

For Contractors.

Insurance Damages

Resulting from traffic accidents.

Insolvency Proceedings and Corporate Restructuring

Rapid conclusion of proceedings.

Strategic Initiatives

Scrapping of derivatives

Individuals, companies and public bodies have entered into these types of contracts, which invariably turn out to be speculative instruments that generate, or have generated, severe financial losses.

Who We Assist


private individuals


public entities and state enterprises

law firms and professionals

accountants and bookkeepers

Insolvency practitioners and other insolvency professionals

engineers and other technical professionals

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“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success”.  (Henry Ford)

We firmly believe that collaborating with excellence in the field is the key to success and continuous innovation. Each partner we choose represents a commitment to excellence and enables us to offer our clients cutting-edge solutions.

What they say about us


When it comes to legal issues I prefer dealing with people I can trust 100%. Your law firm has proved its professionalism yet again, and I am beyond happy with the outcome of the case. Thank you for the fast resolution – I needed to save my business and keep it running smoothly for the customers, and vou, guys, helped a lot in terms of time and money. I appreciate it greatly!


Working with clients, digital products and web design projects also needs a back up from attorneys. A project might get stolen, a copycat might use your ideas for their own purposes, and the clients might misunderstand privacy policy etc. To avoid these situations, I am working with this law firm and I’m extremely satisfied with their service! Thank vou for the closed the cases!


Being a writer makes you deal with issues like copyright, publishing contracts, terms of finishing a book etc. I always need a professional lawyer to help with minor or major details in a case. Thank you so much for always having my back when I need your legal advice – you’re the best and you know it! I will definitely recommend your services to my colleagues and friends.

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